Jerome U. Gilmore is an entrepreneur, engineer, and author who has managed start-ups and developed action-centered learning on business growth. His latest book is Online Merchant. He is enthusiastic about writing, and would like to share his most recent works with many of his readers. Jerome’s books are published in 3 languages globally in digital copies.

He is a graduate of the Electrical and Computer Engineering department from Stony Brook University. He has over several years of experience designing, developing, and overseeing computer systems while working in various high-tech industries. His knack for working with start-ups as an entrepreneur coupled with an interest in electronics gave way to educating the public through his writing. It is through his unique experiences as an entrepreneur that he has been inspired to write various technology books to provide insight to individuals who are interested in searching for technology opportunities in business and/or career paths.

The son of an entrepreneur and a church missionary. He was raised in New York City where he provided assistance within his community through the church. He is a vital philanthropist to date in his community due to his upbringing. He is also the managing director of Teknical Group, LLC.

Jerome is currently working on a new book. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and visiting nature trails.